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About libAlerts

What is libAlerts?

libAlerts is a service that enables you to subscribe to your favorite authors, and receive notifications to your email when we order new titles. When you receive these notifications, you can place a hold on the title. It does not automatically place a hold on the title.

We listened...

libAlerts began with requests from you, our patrons, who wanted a way to receive notifications when new books by favorite authors are released.

We did one better: these alerts are sent when we order the items, so you can get an alert far in advance of the title's actual release.

We didn't buy it, we built it!

libAlerts belongs to the library, and therefore, to the community. Because we built it and used open-source software, there are no subscription/services fees for access to the information. We gleaned the book release data from our everyday job functions.

We use Drupal, a powerful open-source system for building the library's websites: the power of the Drupal community enables one web developer to build a service like this. Other components of the system were coded in-house.

How it works

First, create an account. Enter a valid email address to create the account. A confirmation email will be sent to that address which you will need to see in order to complete registration.

To subscribe, either search for an author in the search box, or browse by clicking on "Browse authors." Click on "Subscribe to posts tagged with..." for the author you want to follow.

If you want to add more authors, come back to this site, log in and choose a new author to follow.

What doesn't work

This service is limited to books.

This service does not notify you when a hold is in, etc, and is not related to the text alert service connected to your library card. This is a separate service.

Since we order far in advance of release, often the information that we are using for this site is sparse. Usually, there is a cover, but probably not a summary of the book.

libAlerts will not work for eBooks.

Some non-fiction standing order materials, like travel books, may not work; but standing-order fiction will.

We cannot refine by format, or account for series.

Mobile interface There is a mobile interface. iPad users will be directed to the mobile version. You cannot switch between interfaces.


We won't give anyone access to your personal info. Period.

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